Thursday, November 27, 2008

400 songs i know all the words to

a rough rough rough
draft of a typography poster project
every song has a memory.

terry richardson shot a pin-up girl calendar for VOGUE paris
out. of. this. world.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

interview magazine art issue

So I wandered into this Luis Gispert show in a Chelsea gallery last winter, probably a year ago around this time, and fell in love. Great photographs, films and sculptures:

This is the trailer for his movie I want to (but will probably not ever see).

Matthew Cerletty:
(click 'em and make 'em biggger)

Adam McEwen. He has a series of blown-up text messages he's received or have been forwarded to him and they're hilarious but I can't find a photo online. These are just as good:

Mike Kelly. I have yet to read about him and this work but the photos in Interview are out of this world but I could only find these online. Aren't they beyond fascinating??

Saturday, November 22, 2008

ONE DAY i will post good art on here. until then...

Vintage Kate Moss
French Glamour Magazine
June 1992

My 80's Miami Beach color palette is constantly occurring.

Vintage Stevie Nick's love <3

My favorite Fleetwood Mac song "Gypsy" live from 2004, and Stevie's still amazing.

And to round out this post, another AMAZING song butchered [in the best way possible] by Bonnie Tyler, "Band of Gold".

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

that bitch fell from the sky

Random village thrift excursion resulted in this glorious 80's Miami Beach Coca-Cola glass:

And the VHS of

Ben Affleck says "So, how do you like your eggs done in the morning - scrambled or fertilized?" at some point. Done. Absolutely brilliant, out of this world late 70's/early 80's soundtrack and an Elvis Costello cameo/subplot - what more could you ask for?


So it turns out Bonnie covered CCR's amazing song "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" And by 'covered' I mean completely COMPLETELY BUTCHERED THE SONG in EVERY possible way by screaming the entire thing. In other words, it's absolutely fantastic, accompanied by a music video that is too incredible to even begin to describe. Judging from the first 2 seconds of it you know it's going to be fantastic, just watch the magic...

Bonnie's actual video for "HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO" is out of this world as well, and actually a pretty great song. But what makes this song most memorable is this drag queen's performance of it from Miss Black America. If you watch ANY of it, watch seconds :15-:30 and you WILL NOT regret it.

Oh so speaking of drag queens, the new Beyonce "Single Ladies" video and song are outstanding, but did you know where the original inspiration for the video came from? A group of 3 fab ladies did a Fosse-choreographed dance routine to some song called "Mexican Breakfast" back in the early 60's and some GENIUS dubbed "Walk it Out" over it and it's phenomenal. Take a looksee:


Sunday, November 16, 2008

jon brion scored my life

So I saw Synecdoche, NY, the new Charlie Kaufman movie, with Nathan on Friday. I've been excited about this movie since it was first announced about two years ago. I'd even read the first half of the script about a year ago. It lived up to all my expectations. It was visual poetry. I don't think anyone in the world will ever fully comprehend it, because I look at the movie simply as Charlie Kaufman's brain totally unfiltered produced on film. With multiple viewings, I'll understand more and more, but I think nothing will be as beautiful as that first time seeing it, soaking it all in, being immersed in his confusing, lonely, gorgeous world. Watch the trailer if you're interested.

We're doing a postcard series in Graphic Design class and we're researching architects and I picked Santiago Calatrava and fell in love. I'll let the buildings and bridges speak for themselves...

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, I realize all I want is money to save up for traveling and splurging at American Apparel as well as these items:

(the DVD not the soundtrack, I just love that vinyl cover, ahaha)

After seeing Gail Anderson speak (type/graphic design editor for Rolling Stone for many, many years - she did all the covers and spreads I grew up and fell in love with - AMAZING) on Friday afternoon, I went on a spontaneous excursion to American Apparel and 7-11 and got an orange metal SLURPEE straw as well as this lil' gem of a t-shirt:

Whyyyyy don't I live in new york. This show is up until December 6th, so I HAVE TO see it during Thanksgiving Break. Look at that fucking artist line-up: Larry Clark, Tracey Emin, Nan Goldin, Keith Haring, Robert Mapplethorpe, Barbara Kruger, David LaChapelle, and Maripol! Not to mention it's all about love/sex. Ah, so so good. I love when it seems like the curator of a show had you in mind...

...OH and last but certainly not least - does ANYONE remember how hot Alec Baldwin used to be?!
He's virtually unrecognizable from this hottness anymore...

So sad. Hot young Alec foreverrrrr!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

in my opinionation...

i'm sorry. this is mostly youtubes. i can't help myself.

blossom forever<3

i'd like to teach the world to sing. yay multi-culturalness!

as miss tina turner would say, this is "SIMPLY THE BEST"

there are two types of people in this crazy mixed-up world
those who LOVE miss ina garten of "barefoot contessa" and
those who despise her. i am in the earlier category. much love, ina.

fun youtube video if you love her :D

oh and

[p.s. no idea who this is, someone just sent it to me]

Monday, November 10, 2008

mother gem gives you what you craveth

so i remember seeing 'gem sweater' AGES ago sometime in high school
and loving every second of it, but now i started to look into Leslie Hall more
and just embraced everything this crazy/beautiful woman has done. 
just look at the main picture on her HOMEPAGE to understand what she's all about


if you enjoyed/understood that, then take a look at:
and her call-in segments "Ring My Bell" numbers ONE and TWO

i watched a documentary on leigh bowery today. art kids know him as 'that obese guy who modeled for lucian freud a lot', and that's all i knew him from, but he was this performance artist / social figure in the 80's who made these incredible wearable art/sculpture/fashion pieces and essentially just wore them out to clubs and partied in them. he inspired the whole 'party monster' thing heavily:

oh and listen to this outstanding cover of 'girls just want to have fun' by some dude that i found on perez just now. it's bizzarely intriguing and slightly haunting. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

youtube GEMS

if the second one doesn't fully describe my life in 3 minutes 28 seconds i don't know what does.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


just thought i'd start this up for some extra fun.

MARILYN MINTER has been my latest obsession
she's a photographer and photo-realist painter
she does all her paintings with enamel paint on metal

these first three are paintings and the last one is a photo-billboard she had up in Chelsea for a while, wish i could've seen it.

speaking of Chelsea, when Libby and I were there during fall break, we found a beautiful park right on chelsea piers and sat down on a bench and smoked a spliff then headed off gallery hopping. Libby's friend told us there was an amazing show at Gagosian but gave no explaination of what it was, just that we had to go. So we go, and our minds are BLOWN. There was a show of Cecily Brown's paintings, and they were all life-changing. I'll tell you right now, online images of her work do no justice whatsoever to how incredible these are in person, but just so you get the jist...