Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So I've just been chillin since I've been home. Adjusting to Long Island life, seein friends, havin fun. Went to orientation for my internship yesterday, looks like it's gonna be a fun lil' job. I watched The Fly yesterday for the first time with Jackie and Riley. SO FUCKING GREAT. Too much Jeff Goldblum nudity and not enough Geena Davis side-boob.

Just finished reading Calvin Tomkin's "Lives of the Artists." It's just a compilation of pieces he wrote over the last decade about some contemporary artists. Most of my favorites actually (Hirst, Koons, Sherman, Barney, Currin, Cattelan, Johns, Turrel, etc.) They're all amazing short bios paired with one-on-one interviews, mostly at the artists' home and studio. He really gets to know them and, I feel, accurately portrays them. Pick this shit up, art kids.

And I leave you with some amazing texts from Texts From Last Night:

(631): Everytime she opens her mouth it's like a fucking terrorist attack on my life.

(239): I left my keys in the garlic bread freezer in Publix.

(832): New invention idea: vibrating tampons

(216): Where the fuck is Rob at, he hasnt answered his phone in like 2 weeks.

(440): Dude Rob died 2 weeks ago wtf?

(216): Holy shit r u serious? How?

(440): Just kidding, but im pretty sure he boned your gf and doesnt want to talk to you.

(434): ok i'm going to motor boat your sister now. ttyl

(916): ps i may or may not be wearing a sequined bra

(602): Duck Duck Cougar?

(440): It looked like if robin williams had a vagina

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